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Top Rated Penis Enlargement Pills

Every day a new penis enlargement "wonder pill" pops up. The question we asked when they first came into the market was, do these pills really work? The answer is YES and NO. Some of the penis enlargement pills on the market are of extremely high quality and some are even developed in FDA approved laboratories. These types of pills really do work and you can see amazing gains.

Below we will recommend the best penis enlargement pills that are currently on the market.

The pills have been rated by:

  • Performance - permanent penis enlargement gains.
  • Speed - how quick was the results?
  • Support - did they offer support for the pills.
  • Bonuses - any additional extras with purchase.
  • Claims - do they offer a guarantee? etc
  • Safety - are the ingredients safe?
Curent Top 3  Vimax Pills  VigRX Capsules  ProSolution Pills
Our Rating



$59.95 / 1 month supply

$154.95 / 3 months supply

$234.95 / 6 months supply / save $124.75 / Free bonus gift!
$59.95 / 1 month supply

$109.95 / 2 months supply

$154.95 / 3 months supply
$78.95 / 30 days

$188.95 / 90 days

$268.95 / 180 days supply
WorldWide Shipping
Ship from USA, UK, Euro.
Free shipping with 4-5 bottles
- Extra Bottle

-1 Liquid RX

-Access to tantric sexuality,
kama sutra and penis enlargement sites
- 1 Pheromone Cologne

- 1 Semenax
-1 Bottle of Volume Pills

-Access to men's health sites

Moneyback Gurantee
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The Best Penis Enlargement Pill

Vimax Pills

#1 Vimax Pills


Vimax Pills are without a doubt the best penis enlargement pills we have found so far. Vimax's high potent formula which uses doctor recommended ingredients helped 1000's of men worldwide improve their own confidence and manhood. Their customer satisfaction is the best in the industry and the gains match this.

Vimax is a 100% safe and natural formula that has been tested and it is fully approved by Dr. Michael Turner, clinical physician and medical professor,guaranteed to increase penis size permanently.

97% of all men who have tried Vimax have had great success,growing anywhere from 0.2 to over 1 inches in just a few weeks.A large number of men following the program for more than 10 months have reported gains of over 2.5 inches ( combining Vimax pills with proper penis enlargement exercise program).
This pill is rated highly by many penis enlargement sites.

What you will accomplish:

  • Permanent penis enlargement - 1-3 inches in length & girth.
  • Increased semen - a larger load every time you ejaculate.
  • End to premature ejaculation- stay hard for as long as you want.
The site offers:

  • Access to tantric sexuality,kama sutra and penis enlargement sites on certain orders
  • Worldwide express or standard, discreet shipping in plain boxes
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Exccelent customer support.

  • $59.95 for 1 months supply
  • $109.95 for 2 months supply / save $9.95
  • $154.95 for 3 months supply / save $24.90
  • $189.95 for 4 months supply / save $49.85
  • $214.95 for 5 months supply / save $84.80 / Free Bonus Gift!
  • $234.95 for 6 months supply / save $124.75 / Free Bonus Gift!
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Our 2nd choice is:

VigRX Capsules

#2 VigRX Pills


VigRX pill is one of the most common penis enlargement pills on the market. Their product is sponsored by porn star Ron Jeremy. We have received mixed reports on the effectiveness of this pill.

What you will accomplish:

  • 1-2 Inches Penis Growth, thicker penis
  • Harder, Longer-Lasting Erections
  • Better Ejaculation Control
The site offers:

  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Shipping costs 10$ for USA/ 20$ International

  • $59.95 for one bottle /1 month supply
  • $109.95 for 2 bottles /2 months supply (You save $10)
  • $154.95 for 3 bottles /3 months supply (You save $25)
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And as the 3th best option:

ProSolution Pills
#3 ProSolution Pills


ProSolution is a natural herbal formula for penis enlargement.They are combining herbs from different parts of the world into a blend that is increasing the sexual desire and stamina.

What you will accomplish:

  • Bigger girth of the penis
  • Harder erections
  • Better Ejaculation Control
The site offers:

  • A private members forum where you can get advice and support.
  • Access to private members only sexual advice websites on certain orders.
  • Money back guarantee

  • $78.95 / 30 days supply
  • $188.95 / 90 days supply
  • $228.95 / 120 days supply
  • $268.95 / 180 days supply
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