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What is The World Record For The Biggest Penis?

If you are interested in finding out who owns the record for largest penis and how you compare yourself with other men when it comes to penis size statistics, here are the results of a analyze done in the 70's by The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute.

Now that you know the averages, let's return to the issue of the world's largest penises. Regrettably, the more accurate details like the identities of those endued with the record-holding penises are very evasive parts of information. Even so, the penis sizes themselves are easy to discover.

In 1969, Dr. David Reuben had the opportunity to find a man with a penis that was 14 inches long, when erect. Yet, this isn't a confirmed measurement so this data is yet to be verified.

The official measurement of the biggest penis belongs to a man measured and attested by in the earlier part of the 20th century. This record-holding penis was 13.5 inches in length and 6.25 inches in circumference. Other studies conducted by Alfred Kinsey and other experienced scientists provided astounding results, which ranged approximately from 9.5 to 12 inches.

Nowadays, different claims from men worldwide have been made to various institutions claiming that they own even larger penises. However, due to the research and successes made in the male enhancement field, it is rather difficult, if not impossible, to determine the biggest penis in the world.

The existing holder of the world record for the biggest penis was measured in the earlier part of the 1900's, which annuls most of today's scientific progress in male enhancement. Therefore, till this date, Dr. Dickinson's attested case remains the only official result regarding the issue of the largest penis in the world.

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